LILY 1000x800mm Rectangular mirror / LED light from front and rear / RGB


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✓ NEW! RGB mirror.

✓ A smart touch (3) which makes it easy to turn on / off the mirror, also a heating pad, regulates the intensity of light, the warmth of the light as well as turning on ' off RGB light.

✓ Built-in anti-fog function means you don't have to worry about foggy mirror: a separate touch button is integrated for this function.

✓ The brightness of the light is adjustable from 10 to 100%.

✓ The light temperature can be changed from 3000K to 6500K, depending on the purpose of using the mirror and your mood.

✓ You can use the mirror in the following ways: 1) only RGB backlight; 2) only front light; 3) front and backlight (not RGB); 4) front and RGB backlight.

✓ RGB light is regulated by the APP or remote control that is included in the box.

✓ RGB light intensity is regulated.

✓ 5mm high-resolution silver mirror without copper - without any oxidants, without sharp edges.

✓ Polished edges.

✓ Anti-corrosion coating.

✓ Provides 50,000 hours of life and 100,000 touch switch clicks.

✓ Approximately 4.6 times brighter than a standard LED mirror (light is enough to do make-up, shave or other needs).

✓ High power SMD2835 LED.

✓ Light diffuser ensures soft light without shadows.

✓ IP44 water resistant rating (perfect for the bathroom).

✓ CE certificate.

✓ ETL, RoHS certificates.

✓ CRI >90.

✓ Easy to install.

✓ 36-month warranty.


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