Frequently asked questions

How to choose the LED mirror?

Look at the shape, size, type of lighting of the mirror, as well as the space, in which the mirror will be hung. Choose the mirror's shape according to the dominant shapes and lines in the interior. If you have more round, oval shapes - choose round or oval mirror. If there are many corners, strict lines - choose square or rectangular mirror. To give the interior some uniqueness - choose a non-traditional mirror. Size is probably the most important criterion when choosing a mirror. Measure your cabinet, sink, distance from walls. Keep in mind that mirrors visually increase the space, so choosing a larger mirror will make the impression that the room is larger. If you want the mirror to serve as a detail in interior only - you can choose smaller LED mirror. The strength of the light depends on the type of lighting. Selecting the mirror that has backlight only will make the light less bright, while selecting the LED mirror with front light will make the light and room itself brighter. However, all our mirrors have dimming function which gives more choice. Finally, evaluate the room itself where the LED mirror will be hung.

How to install the mirror?

This process is very simple: there is the installation instruction booklet in every LED mirror.

How does the LED mirror connect?

Simply leave one cord behind the mirror for connection.

Do you need an additional switch?

No, additional switch is not required.

Are these LED mirrors powerful enough? Is there enough light to do makeup?

2835 LED strips are used for the production of mirrors, 120 LED diodes per meter, which is really BRIGHT! Our mirrors are about 4.6 times brighter than the standard LED mirrors. Of course, for brighter light don't choose a backlit LED mirror only.

How to clean the LED mirror?

It is best to clean the LED mirror with a microfiber cloth: it is enough to soak it in warm water. Clean the mirror in a circular motion. For perfect results, take a second, dry a microfiber cloth, and dry the mirror. For stubborn dirt, you can use soap with warm water or a window cleaner. The use of any other chemicals is strictly not recommended - it may damage the mirror and in the long run it will not look as it was when purchased.

How much does it cost to deliver a mirror?

We will deliver the LED mirror for free to your home or office.