Why choosing us?

All glass panels are made of silver mirror without copper, to provide maximum protection against corrosion caused by existing moisture in the bathroom and essential chemicals.


Our LED mirrors light can adjust brightness. You can long-press the button to change the brightness from 10% to 100% as you require.

Colors choices

By changing the LED color temperature, it is possible to create a different mood in your bathroom - cold / warm. The integrated function in all our mirrors allows you to change the temperature or the "warmth" of the light with one touch. Each mirror changes from 2700K (or 3000K) to 6500K.

Anti-Fog function

No need to worry about the extra anti-fog pad, as we have it in every mirror offered by Baltic Mirror. No spray or unnecessary waiting for the mirror to defog. After a bath or the hottest shower, you will clearly see your image in the mirror.

Top quality LED strip

2835 LED strips are used for the production of mirrors, 120 LED diodes per meter, which is really BRIGHT! Our mirrors are about 4.6 times brighter than the standard LED mirrors. Of course, for brighter light don't choose a backlit LED mirror only.

High-definition imaging (CRI)

The CRI index of our mirrors is higher than 90. This means that the color and reflections conveyed in the mirror are perfect: clear and clean, the mirror does not distort the image or shades.

Touch sensor

Designed to turn the mirror on and off (no need to worry about an additional switch installation), adjust the light intensity (10-100%), color temperature.

High resolution 5mm copper free silver mirror

The price of such a mirror is higher, but it is much more durable than usual, without any oxidants and without sharp edges.

IP44 water resistant rating

These mirrors are perfect for bathrooms. Don't worry if you splash the mirror a little - it's completely safe.

Tempered glass

If the mirror is accidentally broken, it does not break into small pieces. Tempered glass: more safety, thermally stable, high strength.

Very simple installation

You don’t even have to be a professional in this field! Also, most of our mirrors can be installed both horizontally and vertically, which expands the possibilities of using a mirror.

Luxury lies in simplicity

We want to provide the greatest quality and experience for you - the buyer. Each of our products goes through rigorous inspections so that you can enjoy the highest quality product for a long time. When creating a design, we pay special attention to quality, style, functionality at an affordable price, because luxury lies in simplicity!

Minimalist design

The mirrors we offer are not overloaded with unnecessary details. This is a luxurious interior detail in your new home.